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4. Dezember 2020

I have a part time jobs where I get around 800 euros per month, Can we apply for a residence permit with a bank statement? Finally ,will I apply at my own city or her city? Now I miss streesed and stuck thinking what do… embassy say no more attest ,city hall says need. I I’m living in Germany I’m 25 years old and my mother is here can I get a resendental permit or get married to stay here in Germany. Please note that I’m just an average person who got a residence permit in Germany. Also and it’s probably a long shot but has anyone ever had a partner who has lived in germany but worked for a foreign company can you use the foreign wages to prove financial or does it have to be euro’s from a german bank? Hello, – German Language certificate A1 How do the authorities check if EU citizen left Germany? And i was given 2 years and 4 months based on the expiring date on my international Passport. and since then i have registered my address in her home as Hauptwohnung while the other room changes to Then they went to India, renewed their Passport, then a family member died and there was a wedding so they stayed for more than 6 months in India, without asking prior permission cause we did not know there was a 6 months rule. For language courses through the local government, try the local VHS. Whose is the “Identification Card” ? Q 2: Where do we start the process, should we go to Germany first to get her permanent residency and are then allowed to freely move/live around the EU (Spain)? Appreciate the help! I hope it works for you. In fapt, am fost cu un prieten de curand la Handwerkskammer si am solicitat sa completeze formularul respectiv, urmand ca banii sa ii plateasca mai tarziu, dupa sosirea cardului. Sorry to hear that KS, sounds difficult. Best of luck! Because you are Dutch she also doesn’t need to speak any German- as I understand the language requirement is only for non-EU spouses who want to join their German partners. Yes, I remember I needed my landlord to fill something out that said how big the place was. I think you can find the best answer to your question by calling the landratsamt where your wife would be applying and asking your question. .Yes, you can too . I need advise,I am a nigerian and i have a France visa on December 2015 but I could not make the trip due to late information about the issuance of the visa till the visa expire in January 2016 but now I want reapply for the visa and my intention is to relocate to Germany and I need advise on what to do as soon as I get to Germany in other to secure my resident and work permit. As for your other question about if she can go back to Sweden: I’m not sure how much communication the governments of Sweden and Germany have about that. I am a EU citizen living and registered in Germany since one month ago. Although she’s got a job in Berlin already, my partner is still looking for a place to rent. Were you already fluent or had enough German language skills that you passed via the interview? Please i have a child with a german woman i would like to know how i can change my student visa to full working permit. You are lucky! thank you. I would like to have your advice on how to do about my case. Hello. If you have the require documents, make an appointment with the Ausländerbehörde. Considering student status, financial requirements, and living in different cities, Insurance requirement for non-EU citizen who is married to EU-citizen, Non-EU citizen planning to marry German citizen. I suspect you may have to somehow cancel your asylum application to apply for a residence permit based on marriage. what is required to get married in Germany Yes, my understanding is that the spouse cannot sponsor you to come to Germany if the spouse receives social benefits (http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/englisch_aufenthg/englisch_aufenthg.html#p0351). The Visa issued to me was D and they said I can pay up to a Maximum of 650Euros to process the documents in Ghana. Well you are in luck because we just settled this last week. However, she can register as single, and then go back later and change her status from single to married once you’ve got the marriage certifícate translated. I think your Irish insurance should work, when I applied I also had foreign insurance from the USA and that worked. @Wilson Klaus congrats. I would appreciate if anyone can help regarding the following issue. I did scroll through, but did not see it. Thank you very much. Appointment was scheduled at 8am and was out of the office at 8.22am. Marriage certificate (translated to Germany), passports for both, picture of your wife, your current 3-6 payslips and work contract, Anmeldung for both, your wife payslip and work contract if she is working and €28 or something euros. No other documents may be requested. MAWISTA. Slightly nervous about overrunning this duration if I start this process upon arrival in Germany (particularly late in the year with assumed delays over the holidays, and given I’ve already had a few days in Europe). No, he does not belong to EU based on only resident permit. My case was fairly simple and straight forward involving me (non EU citizen), married to my EU citizen (non-German) partner. In my city Altenkirchen (Westerwald) in Rhienland-Pflaz here in Germany it 3 weeks. Please help me regarding it.Would be grateful to you in this regard. Identification Card – This was another item I was asked to resubmit. Then they will give you a paper mentionig what documents to bring. We have our marriage certificate in Italian because we got married here in Italy.

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